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...a journal of my experiences while living in Haiti for the next two years.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Precious babies

A few days ago, I was helping some friends with the milk clinic that they have. (They are running an orphanage here in Pignon.) They give out formula to babies who's mothers have died. There is a great need for this because it is so easy and common for mothers to die here after giving birth (infections, etc).

They just took in this baby girl, Chrislena two weeks ago. She is 2 years old and extremely malnurished and weighs just 12 pounds. They put a feeding tube in her and they say she's making progress daily! Please be praying for her health and strength.
This baby's grandmother brought him to the milk clinic. She said that the mother ran off(???) The baby is 6 wks old and weighs almost 5 pounds. I'm not sure if you can see it well, but he is completely covered in scabies. Please keep him in your prayers too, that someone in the family will love him and start to take better care him and that he will start to gain weigh from the formula. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I always wondered where all of the market ladies kept their donkeys and horses while they worked in the market. I finally found the parking lot.

Everytime I come to the cyber cafe to use the internet, I have the wierdest experience. Once inside the cyber, it could be mistaken for any place in the states. It's airconditioned, fairly quiet, has a nice tile floor and painted walls. I come in here, get online, communicate w/ family and friends and I almost for get where I am. When open the door to leave the cyber, I'm immediately smacked with the hottness and humidity. It's dusty, I see naked kids running by, and a goat standing next to my 4-wheeler. It doesn't matter how many times I've done this, I have the same experience each time and I almost wanna laugh once I walk outside and remember I'm in a developing world. Posted by Picasa

Monday, December 25, 2006

A Pretty Full Load

We got our supplies! This picture is from last week when I was up in Cap-Haitien getting all the supplies. Looks like I did some serious shopping, huh? (It's not all mine...) Posted by Picasa

Merry Christmas!

Jwaye Noel!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday!!
In Pignon, today is like any other day. Everyone is working, carrying on like normal, but we do have a Christmas service tonight at church. I am looking forward to hearing the choir sing some Christmas songs (in French).

Love from Haiti~
Lindsay Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Streetside Vending

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2 Day Trip

I took a little trip to the city! (Cap-Haitien) I'm up here with Caleb, my 'boss' trying to get some things done. I'm staying at the Mont Jolie, sitting by the pool and lookin out at the bay and mountainous landscape. I came up here to try to get my 4-wheeler out of customs. As some of you know, dealing with customs can be just lovely. To get my ATV out, they are asking for almost the price of what I paid for it! How crazy?! But we'll see if Caleb can work his magic and get the price down little. Actually, I'm praying for the price to come down A LOT.
Along with getting my long awaited 4-wheeler, I'm hoping get some supplies; powedered milk, Culligan water, a loaf of bread, a tiny stove, possibly a couch. We'll see what we can find.
The trip up here was great. We made excellent time. It look us 3 hours to go 39 miles. Note: I'm not being sarcastic. That is good timing. Normally it takes about 4 hours (an hour to go 10 miles). The other reason that the trip was so great- I rode in an AIR CONDITIONED vehicle. woo hoo for that.

Skateboarding: Haiti-style

I love how creative the kids are.
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Friday, December 15, 2006

Transportation in 2006?

I am leaving you with only one picture for now. Blogging in Haiti is way hard. Wierd things happen to normal computers down here. I've been sitting here for forever and all I got done was one little picture because of the slowness. It's too hard to post more- my patience have run out for the evening. On a positive note, my apartment is coming along. I've spent lots of time unpacking and cleaning up rat turds. Today, I put together my bed and my portable closet. Dad, you'd be proud because I even used the cordless drill! And, of course, I had to hang some pictures up of my friends and family so that it would feel nice and home-y.
On the schedule for tomorrow: Shopping! Saturday's are market days here in Pignon. I won't be fighting any holiday crowds or long lines, but will be dealing with the masses of people (and lots of stares) to find my fresh fruits and veggies.
Also, my good friend Melissa and a group from ECC just arrived in Haiti. They are out in LaMare, a small, remote village. I will be making my way out there in a few days, probably by bike or moped to visit. (My 4-wheeler is 'stuck' in customs and I'll save that story for another blog....)
All for now.
Love from Haiti,


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Visiting north Florida has been lots of fun. Especially, since it's so different from what I'm used to down in the tropical, southern parts of Florida where we vacation. Here's a few random things I learned while staying in the quaint little town of High Springs.

1. Instead of a handshake, you get hugged by everyone you meet.
2. When people are getting ready to do something, they say, "I'm fixin to." (Huh?)
3. They have armadillos, which happen to be excellent swimmers with a strong doggie paddle.
4. They drive their cars right up into their yards and just park on the grass. (It's tough grass.)
5. All women/girls are called with the word 'miss' infront of their names.
6. They boil their peanuts. (Personally, I wasn't a fan.)
7. Tea is sweeter than ever. (Yum.)
8. Peppers are grown in their yards and you better not touch them- they will make your skin burn.
9. Little kids with a huge southern accent are so darn cute.

My first time seeing cotton fields. Kinda looks like snow if you squint your eyes and pretend you're in Indiana.
A pepper plant. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 09, 2006


I'm in Florida now, but it definitely doesn't feel like it. This weather we are having down here right now could be easily confused with Indiana (minus the snow). I'm currently laying under an electic blanket trying to keep wam. What really makes this wierd is that I could see palm trees in the yard when I was sitting by the fireplace trying to get nice-n toasty. I guess I shouldn't complain about the cold. I'm be sweating like no other in three short days.

Here's a few pictures of Kory and Eli when I was at their new home. Sorry, Scott (Daddy) was at work so he is MIA from all my pictures.

Eli turned one month old the day of this picture. He's excited about it, can't you tell?
Happy baby.

*A little shout out to Scott and Kory: Thanks again for letting me stay with you. As always, I had fun catching up and your dinner was fabulous! I'm stealing the dipping sauce idea for the next time I'm in the States and doing steaks. Yum.
By the way, Kory is such a great mother. Her calmness amazes me. I'm no longer freaked out by babies and I even think I can handle some of my own someday.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Kids I Love

Kids I love....

...and miss like crazy.
Wow. Time flies. My trip to the states is coming to an end and I'll soon be heading back to the developing world. That will mean no more milk or refrigerated foods. It's back to goat, plantaines, and rice & beans. No more smooth roads to drive on. Or showers with warm, clean water. It's the end of feeling clean and being free of bug bites. No more reliable electricity. And, no more chocolate. But really, it's all ok. I wouldn't trade this for anything...
On my way to Haiti, I'm stopping in north Florida to visit some friends. I'm gona see Kara, the other American that also works for Hosean International Ministries and I'm going to see a childhood friend Kory and her precious new baby, Elijah Graham. Can't wait to meet him! Posted by Picasa