Lindsay in Haiti

...a journal of my experiences while living in Haiti for the next two years.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Leaving the Garden

This boy and his brother were working in the fields. They loaded down their horse with food to take home.Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 14, 2007

My trip to the DR last weekend was great. The 8 hour drive was a little crazy with big mud holes and stuff, but we never got actually stuck. We made it to the border just as they were closing the big gates, with like 1 mintue to spare (literally).
We arrived at our hotel in Santiago to find out that it was totally booked, not one available room- except the Executive Presidental Suite! ...which they gave to us at an awesome price because Caleb seems to have friends everywhere. It was really funny and kind of embarassing to walk into the lobby of this nice hotel feeling like the Beverly Hillbillies. We pulled up to the hotel with our truck just caked in mud, all over the windows and everywhere. My suitcase had dried mud falling off as I rolled it and all of us had mud on our clothes. Kara and I were like giddy 12 year olds as we were checking out the suite. It was enormous and luxurious- so opposite from my house I left that morning in Haiti with no electricity and cold showers. We even got complimentary massages! It was really cool; God totally knew I needed a break from things in Haiti and I left feeling so refreshed.

This seemed funny to me- not our luggage, but our groceries being wheeled out of the hotel.

Our total at Burger King looked a little scary to me until I remembered it was in pesos.

Kara, Caleb, and I at dinner. Caleb took us to a great seafood restaurant our last night.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Caught Red-Handed

I was watching a friends' daughter and went outside for a minute. I came inside to find her eating powdered milk off the floor. No need to sweep it up if you can just eat it off of the ground... gross!

Headin to the D.R.

Tomorrow I'm headed across the border to the other side of Hispanola. Just last night Kara and I found out that Caleb is going to the Dominican to get the truck fixed. We decided it was prime time for us to tag along and do some supply shopping. I'm really excited because the selection will be ever better than what Cap-Haitien can offer. So, we leave tomorrow morning and are hoping to return Sunday night. We've had lots of rain, so we are praying the roads won't be too bad. If we make good time, it will be about an 8 hour drive, I think. It's crazy- as soon as we cross the border we will be on a paved road, a highway! What a drastic difference. I hear they even have places like Pizza Hut and Outback Steak House....!