Lindsay in Haiti

...a journal of my experiences while living in Haiti for the next two years.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Now, this boy is smart. I think it's a great way to carry water. A lot less painful than on your head anyways.
Some exciting things...
1. My mom is coming in 6 days.
2. On Feb 10th, I will be eating DiGiorno pizza. The local missionary women are all getting together and we are treating ourselves to pizza. The pizzas are going to be flown in for us on the plane that brings our mail.
3. I've had lights at night for the past five evenings.
4. My mom is coming in 6 days. :) Posted by Picasa

Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Dream Came True

Today, I got the greatest birthday present. It was truly a surprise. I was not expecting to get electricity already, but it happened!! When working correctly* Kara and I will recieve power from a genorator for about four hours every evening.

*This is Haiti; things never work like they should, or as good as they would in the States.

Kara and I standing with Wilber, our electrician, on our porch. Notice the WORKING light bulb above us!!

Thanks to all the hard working guys from Minnesota for coming down!! You're awesome. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 18, 2007


We have a team here now, putting up electric lines in Pignon so more people can be connected to the city power. The team is from Minnesota and they are some seriously hard workers. Our town has the first ever electic co-op in Haiti which gives power to a few hundred homes for about 5 hours in the evening. The team that is down here now is fixing the generators, checking the lines, and connecting more homes to the power. Can you imagine getting a light in your home for the first time ever?
What a (wierd) sign of advancement to see an electic line right beside these mud huts.

...who knows, maybe my house can get hooked up to electricity too!?! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, January 13, 2007 interesting way to transport a machine part....

For me, personally, I am enjoying the cool temps we are having in the mornings in Pignon. Its in the upper 60s/ lower 70's and I don't sweat for once. Perfect for a tank top and skirt. But the moms are dressing their kids for snow. They all arrived with their hoods up and I even saw a down coat.

I am happy as a lark because my house now has a piece of furniture. I ordered a futon last month and it arrived safely on Thursday. I'll post a picture incase anyone is dying to see it. Other good news: my stove is almost working. I just need to get another tank that doesn't leak gas. (Kind of an important thing.)
I'm enjoying a life with lanterns; it wasn't too hard to get used to. I'm still praying for electricity though! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

School's back in Session

Each morning the high school students line up for a flag ceremony to raise the Haitian flag. (This picture is taken from my porch.)
Don't they look excited for school to start!? Posted by Picasa